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Thursday, 14 April 2011

wante to share this poem with you...................

hiya guys, been a while i must blog more often i do enjoy just getting my butt on the pc not happning lot these days. thank god for 2 weeks off work!!!
anyway i wanted to share a poem with you all, its really helped me latley, I lost my big sister 3 years ago in juna and have been having some coucilling to help with the grief.
My councillor read this to me and it helped so much here it goes...........
By Terry Kettering

There’s an elephant in the room.
It is large and squatting,
so it is hard to get around it.

Yet we squeeze by with,
“How are you?” and, “I’m fine,”
and a thousand other forms of trivial chatter.

We talk about the weather;
we talk about work;
we talk about everything else—
except the elephant in the room.

There’s an elephant in the room.
We all know it is there.
We are thinking about the elephant
as we talk together.

It is constantly on our minds.
For, you see, it is a very big elephant.
It has hurt us all, but we do not talk about
the elephant in the room.

Oh, please, say her name.
Oh, please, say “Gail” again.
Oh, please, let’s talk about
the elephant in the room.

For if we talk about her death,
perhaps we can talk about her life.
Can I say, “Gail” to you
and not have you look away?
For if I cannot,
then you are leaving me alone
in a room—with an elephant.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

new blog

try this blog by a friend of mine its fun to read !!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

I've become a SWAP-BOT

joined anew site recently and i love it!
it is call swap-bot and you can join and swap almost ANYTHING
especially crafting goodies i have only been a member a matter of days and already made new friends and got involved in two swaps, one gaining me extra neighbours on city ville the face book page i am totally addicted too.
here's a link to try it yourself............................................

Monday, 14 March 2011

Recived some more goodies today................

So today i received some goodies I purchased on eBay.....
Ribbon cutter, bag of gorgeous buttons and what I thought was a small bag of ribbons!!!!!!
Turned out the bag was HUGE I've received well over 50metres of ribbon what a bargain love it!!!!
Also I have seen a wedding invitation website for sale and I'm thinking of giving it a go, to own an online shop and possibly work from home is my dream so i really need to think about taking the plunge................
What ya think?????

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting there!...............

So that's all I can do for now its getting late and with this wonderful blogger site I've managed quiet well added gadgets and some pictures of my projects even some links to my other websites :-
Handmademaniacs-  A yahoo card swapping group.
Adaoptacraft- A place to buy and Sell your unwanted crafty items please have a look at them and let me know what you think
See ya real soon........................

My first crafting blog !

Hi there guys. My name Is Lee (that's female blame my mother lol) and I love crafting!
I have been crafting, manly card making for over 6 years now and I'm lucky enough to have a room in my home dedicated to crafting. I own all the gadgets a cuttle bug, bind it all, bow maker,xron machine and most recently my lovely husband bought me a cricut imagine!!! I love all my gadgets and really would love to stay home all day and craft.
I would love to hear your hints and tips and to leave me your feedback on my blog.
please feel free.
Check out my makes in the photo section see ya real soon crafters ......................................